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About Me - Business

Growing up I never knew what I wanted to do, but, I always had an underlying whisper that I was meant to do something special 


As a young girl I was creative, kind & thoughtful. I loved to wear bright patterned clothes. I always respected the rules & I was blessed to grow up in a loving family home

Things began to change for me when I started secondary school. It's there where I first started to experience unkindness & ridicule. I found it hard & didn't understand why others could be so cruel & unkind. It was during this time I began to shrink. 

I always had jobs so I earned money but they were just easy jobs, not challenging, not a career. There was always a little voice at the back of my head telling me that I was meant to be successful in something, I just never knew what that something was!

That something came along when I was twenty nine and a stay at home mum to three children (hardest job ever!) I was shown a business opportunity that I could develop from home flexibly around my children. It looked exciting, challenging and rewarding! I had no previous experience and not much confidence however something inside me told me to go for it, so I did! It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!

I was introduced to the world of personal development and began studying it intensely. I invested in books, trainings & attended seminars & events to further develop my skills. I applied what I was learning to my own life and business. It saw both my inner and outer confidence grow, my business develop to a senior level and my ability to influence & help others soar.

As well as developing my business I discovered a huge passion for Coaching, Mentoring and the Law Of Attraction!

I love helping women to discover themselves, to overcome what is holding them back, to be calm, confident and to take inspired joyful action in their life and business every day!

About Me - My Family

I became a mum to Ella at the age of twenty one and then went on to have two more children, Lucy and Zak, in my twenties! It was full on (aka the mad house!) and if I'm honest I don't actually know how I managed! When you become a parent it has to be one of the biggest shocks to the system! (It was to me anyway!) Lack of sleep, caring for another person (in my case people!) when you really don't have a clue what you're doing has to be one of the hardest things, ever! There are so many expectations, particularly on mums, to do things a certain way to be a 'good' parent. I say as long as you love your children and do your very best then you are an amazing parent!

I became an independent mum in 2014 when I left an unhappy marriage. There was no respect, love or consideration left after thirteen years of ups and downs. We had simply grown into two different people with different opinions, values and feelings. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done ending the relationship and it caused huge emotional strain, guilt and stress, however it has lead to huge personal growth, development and strength. Relationships can change. People can change. You have to do what is right for you. We all have challenges in our life, how we choose to react and respond to them is crucial. Always seek help and support during times of challenge. You cannot get through them alone!

My children bring me a sense or purpose, responsibility and pride as well as smiles, fun, silliness, joy and love to my life! They also bring equal amounts of stress, frustration and somedays loss of sanity too! This is parenting! It's about doing your best! It's about appreciating the good times, creating memories together, remaining as calm as humanly possible during times of absolute chaos and also riding the daily storms! (Which in our house is sibling arguments!)

 If you are a parent and you love, respect and care for your children - you are doing a great job!

About Me

If you didn't already know, I am super passionate about personal development, the Law of Attraction and helping others! Learning how to manage your mind, connect with your inner self and the universe, live with presence and joy and creating your own reality is life changing and something I feel more people should be aware of!


You can achieve anything and everything you desire in your life just by working on feeling good and taking inspired action to move you closer to your goals!

It really is that simple! So simple yet people don't know how! 

Life can be tough sometimes right? Accept this and keep as calm and positive as you can! 


Kids can be a pain in the arse some (most!) days! We can lose our cool! Our days don't always go to plan. Things can go wrong and we can make mistakes too!

That is life! It's about learning how to accept, react and deal with it in the best way.

My life isn't perfect and I'm guessing yours won't be either!

I believe in authenticity! This mean celebrating imperfections, keeping it real and being true to who you are, not trying to be someone else or someone you're not!

Another thing I am super passionate about, and one you may not expect, is Pole Fitness and dancing! In 2012 I decided to attend my first class as I was looking for different form of fitness that would be exciting, interesting and challenging! It is most definitely all those things and more! When I attended my first class I was ridiculously nervous and was unsure how it would be! I had very little strength and little body confidence after having the kids! What I discovered was a sport, an art and a community that was supportive and encouraging! The more I went the stronger I became and the more confident I felt in my own skin! I have gone on to perform routines at charity events and at showcase events too, representing our studio! My first event was terrifying! I remember shaking, doubting myself and questioning why the hell I'd agreed to take part! When the performance was over (we smashed it!) I felt incredible! Now I love performing (I still get nervous!) but more importantly, I love helping others with their routines, tricks and body confidence! 

My other interests include health and wellbeing, other fitness activities - walking, yoga, stretching and occasional running (Lol! Very occasional!) I also love driving. I believe in the universe! I like to read, learn, be silly and drink tea! I have a Rottweiler called Tiny and a Chihuahua called Lola! I love Joules, beautiful stationary, listening to loud music, fresh flowers, pole clothes, pleasers and nature! Quite a mixed bag! I like to keep things real and don't sweat the small stuff!


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