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goddess goals
Say goodbye to self sabotage & hello to success

I want to show you how you can totally transform the way you set & achieve your goals, goddess style! 


If you are a creative like me then you have a deep desire for freedom

If you've already decided you're in, here's the link!


for more details keep reading! 












Confidence isn't something we just have, its something we craft

I know you'd love to feel sexy


I also know the thought of it makes you feel uncomfortable! It feels unnatural for you or as if you're doing something wrong & yet deep down you have a desire to explore this side of yourself

You see other women who appear strong, confident & sexy & you wish you could show up like them

Strong, confident, bold, badass, sexy, empowered!

There's that little voice inside that whispers... 

I'd love to but....'

'I want to but it feels wrong'

'What will other people think?!'

Not to mention the negative self talk that plays in your head...

'Who me?'

'are you kidding?!'

'Someone like me can't be someone like that!'

'I'll look stupid'

'People will get the wrong impression of me'

I know - I've been there!

The only time that bit of extra confidence comes out is when you've had a few glasses (or bottles!) of wine! Trust me, you don't need that to become the woman you really want to be!

Your power is crafted within by connecting more deeply with yourself, your mind, your body & your soul. i want to help you explore & deepen this connection

the fact that you are here reading this means you have an underlying desire to have more confidence & feel sexy!


i urge you to Follow that desire!

I want to make something very clear 


There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to feel confident, sexy and amazing! 


In my opinion it's every woman's right to feel this way & is where her magic, magnetism & power stem from!

Not only will connecting to your sexy side change how you feel about yourself, transform your confidence and make you feel like a queen, it actually creates a new found feeling of safety & unleashes a new level of magic within you!

yes, its that powerful!


It impacts every area of your life - your health, your relationships, your parenting & also your career!


So yes, this really is worth investing in! YOU are worth investing in!

Even if you feel scared! 

It's time to feel connected to yourself on a whole new level, to discover what makes you feel amazing, to love and accept yourself and your body right now in this very moment, to catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and instantly feel respect, adoration and admiration for the strong, confident, fierce, sexy and amazing goddess that you are!


Yes I'm talking about you!

You deserve to feel incredible and to experience joy, fun and pleasure as often as possible!


This is where your creativity & inner confidence is born!


It's not what you do, its who you are when you do it​! The mindset, the beliefs, the connection, the magic!

You may be sat reading this thinking 'I'd love to be all these things all but where do I start?' or 'I can't'


I'm here to reassure you that you can, and I want to show you how!





I used to be painfully shy, quiet and very self conscious 

As a child I was happy. Bright clothes, having fun, being me

Secondary school knocked the stuffing out of me as it opened me up to a world of unkindness, disrespect, judgement & ridicule. I shrunk, kept my head down, did my work, got through. I hated it.


I had many insecurities that I kept covered up, but they lead me into the wrong relationships & once I was in them I'd do anything to keep them. Fast forward to 21, I fell pregnant & had my first baby 


My body changed (something naively at 21 I wasn't expecting!) & I found it hard to accept my new body shape and weight


 In the space of 4 years I went on to have two more babies!

Life became all about babies, baggy clothes & survival! I was last on the priority pile & i believed that this was how it was now. i was a mum & thats what mums do

It lead to a life of me always putting others first, loss of my own real identity, self doubt & confidence

the relationship i was in changed & became unhealthy & unhappy for a long time. as a result my self worth was rock bottom

I always used to go along with what I thought was the right thing for everyone else or what was expected of me and I used to worry so much about what other people thought of me

for a long time i believed i had to settle for my life being the way it was as I was the one who had got me into this mess (you may have heard the phrase 'well you've made your bed so now you have to lie in it' this was how i was living)

So what changed?

I chose to put me first!

I took the steps necessary to become more confident & I learnt how to embrace & love me, my ways, my imperfections & my body


It took courage, learning (and also unlearning!) a lot of things, adopting new ways of thinking & being


It took investing in myself  

I've learnt that embracing and connecting to our goddess (you know, the one who is a little more daring, who wants to be fierce, confident, sexy, the one you have either forgotten about or daren't embrace!) plays such a powerful role in our lives both personally & professionally

everything i have learnt & embodied I share in this programme!


I want to reassure you now that there is nothing wrong with becoming more confident, embracing your inner sexy side & loving your body. This is FOR YOU! Not to impress anyone else

It doesn't mean you're going to start walking around in hardly any clothes! (Unless you want to ofcourse!) It means you'll have an internal shift to how you feel about yourself & how you see yourself


You'll develop more trust, self acceptance, self worth, self love & self respect for yourself


You'll also unlock a new level of inner confidence, creativity & magic within!

It will change your life!


The more you allow society & others to dictate to you how you 'should' show up & how you 'should' live your live, the longer you will remain unfulfilled

Other peoples expectations, negativity or opinions of what they believe you should or shouldn't do and how you should live your live can hold you back from accessing your true power & living the life that you truly want to live

In life, in love & in business

Don't let them!

it's time to Take your power back!


It's time for you unlock your power! To embrace, encourage and enjoy becoming more confident & feeling sexy & empowered without feeling fear, shame or guilt!


Not only will it transform how you feel, it will totally change your life!



Course Details


My goal is to show you how you can feel confident, sexy and empowered!

I want to help you connect and embrace your true confident self, your goddess, the queen within!


I'm going to show you how you can overcome the things that are holding you back and improve and enhance the relationship you have with yourself

I will be opening your eyes to the world of personal development and personal connection on a whole new level using a mixture of interactive online coaching sessions

I will be encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone!

I want to help you change your life!



client love


Believe it or not, like many, many women... my confidence can be shaky, especially when stepping into new or unfamiliar territory. It can feel like an hidden muscle I'm always having to train and grow in a way that fits me. As for feeling sexy and empowered... in the not so distant past that felt like an unfamiliar cape that didn’t quite belong to me. I had so many pre-conceptions of what it means to connect with my sensuality, my Queen confidence, my empowered feminine/goddess flow. I very much lived in a space of masculine flow (present from the days I used to be single Mum)… that do, drive, lead, get all the shit done and take no prisoners energy. Feminine flow and goddess vibes seemed a bit weak and wishy washy to me.

I knew that embracing ALL of me was going to require me to step into a different arena… one where all my assumptions, beliefs would be shaken up and shifted to something that FIT me and the more I wanted to embrace. In stepped my wonderful Louise! For a little while, I’d been in her free Facebook group - The Fully Aligned & Empowered Woman, where I LOVED the openness and support of the women in there, on their own journeys. I’d listened to Louise in a few masterclasses and KNEW she was my person and mentor for this next phase of my own alignment. When she opened the doors to her Confident Sexy Empowered programme, I was an F YES!

I LOVED every moment of learning so much more about myself, my energetic boundaries, my embracing of my feminine flow, diving into goddess vibes (now my FAV!), loving and appreciating my body more, building a new awareness of sensuality and sexiness, incorporating more self-care in ways I hadn’t thought of, doing soul work… the Confident Sexy Empowered programme was SO much more than I envisioned and it actually affirmed why my next move was to go deeper and work 1:1 with Louise!

I’ve built beautiful friendships from Louise’s programmes with Queens who are totally my vibe, we support and cheer each other on. I LOVE the realness, rawness, deeper work, flow, safety, creativity, compassion, fierceness, fun, leadership and energy Louise brings to her programmes and I can’t flipping WAIT to dive into the next round of Confident Sexy Empowered because I KNOW the vibe is going to FIRE!! The confident, sexy and empowered me is ready to take it up a notch… or 10!

If you want to join me, get in touch with Louise for more details… trust me, she’s a beautiful WHOLE mood and then some! Doors open 22nd May! Can’t imagine not having her as my trusted mentor who brings out even more of my Projector Power! If you know Human Design… then you know what I mean


- Elizabeth

These 3 word - Confident, sexy, empowered- no not me! I could never be that woman! nope! I’m not that kinda Gal! I’m happy to just plod along WELL that was until Louise popped into my life one day and now I’m most definitely CONFIDENT SEXY AND EMPOWERED! I have taken a few of Louise’s courses but this one stands out for me , I used to have very little confidence with in my body or what I looked like and through working with my amazing coach she’s taught me not only can I do anythingi out my mind to but that I’m

Beautiful I’m sexy and I’m empowering and that’s a massive thing for me , no longer do I hide my body under clothes I now embrace it and feel fabulous all the time

Can’t wait for this next round of

CONFIDENT SEXY EMPOWERED it will be amazing thank you from the bottom of my heart Queen you have showed me I am freakin awesome!


‘I always felt like I’m wasn't enough, not pretty, not smart, not funny, not interesting enough. I think what held me back was my own brain! I can be my own worst enemy. Someone can tell me I look nice and I just think they’re being polite. My fears were around being judged for being confident or looking a bit of an idiot’Louise honestly has given me more confidence than I’ve ever had before! I feel sexy and empowered! This is amazing for me as I’ve never in my life felt good enough. But now I know I am. She’s an absolute godsend and so helpful, doesn’t think any question is silly! She’s set me up for life!'

- Sophie

'There were some whopper core beliefs that triggered shame and fed low self worth. Although I find it easier to follow self care now and give myself love there was the pattern of slipping back. I would look in the mirror and find fault. MY belief was that I was not enough. Not believing I was attractive. that my body was wrong. I didn't like what I saw, my body, my face, my hair' Since taking the programme I have been styling my hair different, dressing differently and noticed reactions from people when I'm out and about so there are definite changes from within as well as outwardly! Thank you for your kind words and support, your energy really makes the video feeds personal and connected and you can feel the genuine desire you have for change for those that you are delivering too. Louise has such passion and belief in her course content, her enthusiasm is infectious and really builds motivation to stretch comfort zones and move forward. I have made changes using ideas suggested in the course and can definitely feel a benefit. I highly recommend the Confident, Sexy, Empowered Woman course as a means to build your own tool box for self development and moving into a place if self acceptance'

- Rachel


as my clients have learnt 

the most valuable thing you can invest in is yourself

By investing in this course you are investing in you!

I am going to be teaching you invaluable skills that are going to change your life!

You will learn in a private, safe & fun environment! You will be encouraged, valued and supported every step of the way! We will have fun as for me that is what life is all about!

Most importantly you are going to learn incredible life changing skills!

To reserve your spot in the programme simply click the payment method that works best for you


Once your payment has been accepted or payment plan set up, I'll be in touch with all the details you need to know &, you'll be added to my course space!

Your journey to becoming a confident, sexy, empowered woman starts here!

Follow the urges, feel the fear & get registered!

I'm so excited & cannot wait for us to begin!



‘Before I met Louise, I had been signed off from work stress and anxiety. My self esteem and confidence were no where to be seen - Louise has been a massive inspiration for me and her teaching has improved my mindset so much, I don’t even recognise the person I was a year ago! She’s such a warm and open person, and truly grateful for the ways she’s helped me!’

—  Kirsty


It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself and to make your happiness a priority, it's necessity!

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