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You Are Capable Of More Than You Realise!

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

This article is for you if you have ever doubted yourself, you sometimes feel like giving up on your goals or if you can simply be a queen of procrastination! (Guilty!)

As I write my first blog I'll be the first to admit that technology isn't my strong point! I have wanted to create my own website and blog for some time now but have put it off as I didn't know where to start!

“It was frustrating, its was mentally tiring and the easy thing would have been to give up!

I started using a different web provider last year and found it really confusing and frustrating so I ended up putting my website creation to the back of the 'to do' list! People asked me why I didn't just get a web designer, but the trouble was, I didn't have a vision for how I wanted my site to look and I wanted to make it as personal as possible! So, I put it off! Until two weeks ago!

What the mind can believe and perceive, the mind can achieve!

I listen to and read mindset and personal development material regularly and two weeks ago I was listening to my favourite coach and mentor. He said 'Decide the goal! Then write down the 5 steps you need to take in order to make it happen! Then TAKE ACTION!'

Sounds so simple doesn't it but sometimes we just need direction and someone else to tell us what to do!

I knew what I needed to do but I kept putting it off due to lack of knowledge and skill in what I was doing. I'd said to myself 'It's ok, I'll get round to it' but the reality is if we want to get something done, we have to prioritise it and take action steps to achieve it!

So I set to work on my website! I believed I could do it! I did a little research! I played around with the design and layout! I got all my images together and I started writing the content! (Man it was painful!) I went at a snails pace, trying to figure out what I was doing, trying to get to grips with the web builder and that was before writing the content! (a whole new level of challenge!). It was frustrating, it was mentally tiring and the easy thing would have been to just give up! But giving up is the easy route! Anyone can give up! I'm not anyone! I kept focused on my goal - launching my website in two weeks time!

Take Action!

Over that weekend and the next two weeks, I spent over 19 hours editing and creating my website! There are still things I want to add however the main things I want are on here! A coach of mine once told me 'Done is better than perfect!' I have to admit to falling guilty in the past of not getting things done because they 'weren't quite right' or 'not as good as I'd visioned'. The lesson here is - just get it done! Take action! Fail forward! If you are failing it shows that you are trying! Never be afraid of failure! The more times you fail the closer you will get to your goal! Don't expect it to be easy either! It's going to take some work! You will improve as time goes on!

Too often we can put things off and procrastinate! To my procrastination queens out there this is often due to fear, doubt and/or lack of confidence either in yourself or in your skills. The amazing news is that these obstacles can be overcome either through the development or yourself, through the development of your skills or by asking for help! Anyone can do this if they choose to! So no more excuses that you can't do something! Either work on yourself, work on your skills or reach out for help, for guidance or for support!

This goes for any goal, new experience or new opportunity, not just website creation!

By doing these three things, I can guarantee you will achieve your goal(s)!

If I can develop a website in the time I have (I still can't believe it either!) then trust me you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

Invest in yourself, learn as you go and seek the help you need!

You will find you are capable of way more than you realise!


Did you enjoy this blog! I hope so! If you did please like, leave a comment and share for others to enjoy!

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